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Shipwrecked (1990)  


  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Walt Disney Pictures presents action and adventure film based on the Norwegian literature work entitled "A Norwegian Robinson" by Oluf Falck Ytter; the film was directed by Nils Gaup and produced by John M. Jacobsen.

Released in October 1990 the Nordic country, and a year later for the United States of America in-home format.

This family film suitable for all audiences set in 1850, tells the adventures of a young teenager who carry great responsibilities on his shoulders motivated by his father's illness; this was a sailor who worked aboard a cargo ship, but being wounded and convalescent, his place was taken by his little son named Haakon Haakonsen.

Haakon was named cabin boy, which is nothing other than the captain's messenger; it was difficult for the young man to be away from his family and get used to life on the ship, but as the days went by and thanks to the good performance of his work and not giving up, he earned the respect of the crew, and the love of Jens, A sailor good friend of his convalescent father.

The boat makes its first stop, docks at an Australian port, there pick up a mysterious British officer, who says he is a special envoy to protect the ship from pirate attacks since he is a security expert, his name, Howell officer.

The cabin boy discovers that the newcomer Howell managed to get firearms into the boat, but this persuades him not to comment to the captain since they are a preventive measure against pirates.

But the young man understands that he must notify his captain, unfortunately, he did not have time since the captain died mysteriously and because of a poison, which was later learned to be supplied by the first cabin officer.

The newly arrived British officer is the highest-ranking authority on board, so he is appointed interim captain; upon arriving at the second port, a strange crew joins the ship, they are the men that the new captain requested to conclude the trip.

When sailing, the cabin boy Haakon discovers a cop on board; she is Mary, whom Haakon fell in love with almost instantly, so she keeps her stay in the boat secret. The now official Captain Howell makes the life of the ship's crew especially Jens impossible; after a few days, one of the nefarious captain's men discovers Mary, and orders everyone to come on deck.

Ask everyone if anyone had knowledge of the stowaway, Haakon wanting to show his courage to honor Mary, step forward and take responsibility; Howell condemns him to receive scourges as punishment, the original crew disagrees and discussions begin; Jens confronts the captain and tells him that the laws of the sea do not contemplate such punishments for a child; Howell ignores and orders that he himself be the one who gives him the punishment.

At that moment a strong storm reaches the ship, it becomes tough with the passing of the minutes, the powerful and gigantic waves formed by the storm completely destroyed the boat; Haakon managed to jump into the sea before sinking with the ship; but in the middle of the shipwreck, he lost consciousness.

When he wakes up, in his confusion he sees himself on the shore of a beach, when he gets up and walks he realizes that he is on a desert islet; suddenly, among branches and bushes he gets a pirate treasure, on the warning sign of the British authorities, where a man appeared and the legend of pirate danger, the portrait of the man in question corresponded to Captain Howell, and his true identity was Merrick

Now everything makes sense to the young man; but before telling what you have discovered, you must first get a way out of the island and return to your native Norwegian.

Rating: 6.7  | IMDb
Genres: Adventure , Family  | Duration: 92 min  | Year: 1990

Average: 6.7 (26 votes)
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