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47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)  

47 Meters Down: Uncaged

  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Remember 47 Meters Down (2017)? It is one of those hundreds of films about sharks that will never be as good as Shark (1975), but that exploit that fascination we have for sharks. Or, rather, by the fictional sharks: those machines of devouring human beings that, in reality, are not much like that.

Bad reputation has haunted real sharks and hurt them a lot, but most of us love seeing sea monsters diving in unsuspecting bathers, and that's why there's no summer without a movie about these human eaters.

Nothing happens if you have not seen 47 Meters Down since the sequel tells an independent story and pulling wildly. Something like an underwater version of The Descent, with a group of friends locked in a labyrinthine Mayan temple submerged, and beset by white albino and blind sharks.

The young women enter this archaeological find with a combination of curiosity and folly. In fact, the main protagonist (Sophie Nélisse) is warned by her father (John Corbett), who even gives him a huge tusk fang found in the maze his Maya.

The director Johannes Roberts, responsible for the first film, manages well with the low budget and is able to maintain tension at certain times. In any case, this is a predictable film with little credibility, which offers what it promises: cheap scares, impossible sharks and a cast formed by young people with good physique, including Sistine Stallone, daughter of the famous protagonist of Rambo.

In the summer of 2017, a claustrophobic shark movie caused a lot of impacts. It was called 47 Meters Down, starring Claire Holt and Mandy Moore. Two sisters who are invited to dive in a cage during their vacations in Mexico, but the cable that holds them breaks and leaves them trapped at the bottom of the ocean. With the air supply running out, the sisters are only 47 meters away from being safe, but that's a great distance when you're surrounded by white sharks.

47 Meters Down was a very effective adventure and suspense movie. It was made with only 5 million dollars, but took a big bite from the global box office, raising more than 62 million, becoming the most successful independent film of the summer. Its triumph became even more significant because initially, it was going to be released in August 2016 as a video title on demand by Dimension Films, but Entertainment Studios bought the rights and promised to release it in movie theaters the following summer.

However, the DVD copies of In The Deep, as Dimension Films had renamed it, had already been sent and, although notified, several retailers sold physical copies. In addition, the movie was hacked and uploaded to the network.

47 Meters Down was actually filmed in a water tank in Basildon and some outdoors in the Dominican Republic. The parent company was the British producer Tea Shop Productions, and producer Mark Lane confesses that his success was a surprise.

Given the success of 47 Meters Down, the sequel received a green light, and everyone involved in the first film, from Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures and producers Harris and Lane, to screenwriter/director Johannes Roberts and co-author Ernest Riera, were anxious for risking

In 47 Meters Down 2, the Dominican Republic again provided the magnificent backdrop for the beginning and end sequences of the film, all sun, sand, lush vegetation, and bright blue waters, while underwater scenes were recorded in the United Kingdom, at Pinewood Studios and Basildon.

Rating: 5  | IMDb
Genres: Horror  | Duration: 90 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 5 (493 votes)
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