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Brightburn (2019)  


     Quality: Quality HD  

At this point we know by heart the story of Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, the last son of Krypton who fell to Earth, was adopted by an adorable couple of farmers without children, and raised as their own while discovering his extraordinary powers.

Before we begin to blame mom and dad for this riot, let's get in tune with the story sung by the Gunn (with Jaime as producer) and directed by David Yarovesky, responsible for The Hive (2014) and some short films. Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer (David Denman) are a marriage of Brightburn (Kansas) - no, it is not good to put Smallville - that they love a lot, but life did not give them offspring. One night, in the middle of the cuddles, something falls near their house (after we know it was a meteorite), and after months we see the happy couple with their new toddler, Brandon.

Time passes, the kid grows healthy and happy, he's smart at school and a sweetie with mom, dad, and their relatives, although he does not seem to have many friends at school. Like most teenagers, puberty begins to hit a little badly, with the difference that Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), begins to experience much more drastic changes than those caused by hormones. Voices in strange languages ​​and superhuman strength are the first indications that the baby is not as common and ordinary as it seems to the naked eye.

Something hidden in the barn attracts him almost every night, but the Breyer are not prepared to tell their son that he is not a being of this world. Very bad idea, since unlike Kal-El, Brandon takes these changes somewhat sinisterly, demonstrating his superiority to the rest of the mere mortals. Brightburn mixes the conventions of superhero movies - and the history of Superman - with terrifying elements, and instead of a baby possessed by some demonic entity, it gives us the other face of the coin of these idols in spandex suits that are practically indestructible.

Here no kryptonite is worth it, so the unconditional love of mom and dad is going to have to do their magic to stop the little boy who continues to gain strength, and he doesn't care about him being the idol of the people, champion of humanity. As a premise, Brightburn is interesting and takes good advantage of its terrifying climates and a young protagonist who steals all the scenes. Dunn is the real deal of this movie that, quietly, could have a couple of sequels.

Yarovesky has to work with a budget more than limited (about seven million dollars), but he manages to create a disturbing atmosphere and at times very violent, taking advantage of each of his resources, always playing with the previous knowledge of the viewer about the tropes of the genre, and always waiting for the good guys to win. Of course, first you have to define, who are those good guys? Beyond Brandon's superpowers, the filmmakers propose a realistic universe where the school takes care of the baby's misconduct, the police investigate a series of disappearances and accidents, but no one could deal with the extraordinary abilities of this being.

There, in the final resolutions, it is where the plot begins to falter, aggravated by the exacerbated performances (and grimaces) of adult interpreters who contribute little to nothing; shortcomings that are compensated with Dunn's irruptions, less and less angelic and more sinister, with or without bright red eyes.

Brightburn is a film that entertains with little and does not abuse its time on screen (brief 90 minutes).

Unfortunately, the gore ends up eclipsing it all, bringing the film closer to the sidewalk of the generic horror stories, except for the protagonist and the extensive superheroic references that enrich it, but do not takes off completely.

Rating: 5.8  | IMDb
Genres: Horror , Science Fiction , Thriller  | Duration: 91 min  | Year: 2019
Cast: Elizabeth Banks , David Denman , Jackson A. Dunn , Matt Jones , Meredith Hagner , Becky Wahlstrom , Emmie Hunter , Gregory Alan Williams , Annie Humphrey , Abraham Clinkscales , Christian Finlayson , Jennifer Holland , Terence Rosemore , Elizabeth Becka , Steve Agee

Average: 5.8 (1053 votes)
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