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Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of Ransom (2019)  

Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of Ransom

     Quality: Quality HD  

The Chinese film industry bets again with its successful production "Chasing the Dragon", this time presents the sequel "Master of Ransom", this Asian criminal saga was released in his home country on June 6, two thousand nineteen. The direction, production and adaptation of the story were in charge of the renowned Wong Jing, who had the collaboration of Jason Kwan and Philip Lui.

As for the leading cast, we find Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Louis Koo in the main characters of Logan and Sky respectively, and they will be accompanied by Gordon Lam, Sherman Ye, Sabrina Qiu, Willie Wai, Jason Wong, Phat Chan and Lukian Wang The film also features the special performances of the prestigious Chinese singer Candice Yu, the actor and producer Simon Yam, and the promising young Asian actor Du Jiang.

It is necessary to highlight that this film is NOT a sequel to "Chasing the Dragon", they only belong to the same franchise through an association, thus applying a well-known Marketing strategy to attract as much audience as possible based on success of the first delivery; "Master of Ransom", who was renamed "Wild Wild Bunch" has no sequential relationship with its predecessor franchise, or use the same characters.

The only possible comparison between the two films would be the genere, since "Chasing the Dragon" is a work of action and violence, based on real stories of Chinese criminals that scourged the city and its adjacencies, on that occasion they took the biography of Ng Sik -ho, nicknamed "Crippled ho" a ruthless drug dealer and murderer who lived his reign in the seventies and who under the protection of the British colony carried out all its operations without being hindered by the authorities thanks to corruption.

The plot of "Wild Wild Bunch" is based on the last stage of life of the famous Chinese kidnapper and criminal who reigned the streets of Hong Kong during the nineties, Cheung Tze-Keung, who also called Big Spender (who we will know throughout the film as Logan Long).
Set in the last years of the nineties, the well-known criminal Logan (Cheung Tze-Keung / Big Spender), plagues the Chinese city of Hong Kong with a chain of kidnappings of important people from the capital, begins with the children of the wealthiest businessmen in the city, Li and Lui, for whom I request individual ransom for more than two million dollars, an uncountable figure in the local currency of that time.

The families of the kidnapped youths access the economic demand of Logan, who warns them that he has informants in the police, and if they betray him denounced what happens the consequences will be paid by his children. Again they access the requests of the offender to save the lives of their children.

Logan's network of kidnappings is expanding rapidly throughout the country and reaches other regions of the continent recruiting bonnets and criminals from countries of the Asian continent, the Chinese authorities intend to end the offender, so they draw up a strategic plan to infiltrate an agent in the Logan gangs and have the necessary information to catch him.

The agent Sky is the chosen one, he must start from the bottom, know how the Logan network operates, he shows good aptitude to criminals and gang leaders, every day he faces new evidence to convince them to be a trustworthy person; his plan is working and he gains ground to reach Logan with whom he already has contacts.

Sky awaits the precise moment to capture the violent kidnapper; the police have no complaints of his innumerable kidnappings for his threats to the victims, so he must catch him committing the crime.

Longan is very careful, but after several attempts Sky manages to know who the next victim will be, so he tries to contact his companions to organize the capture, the authorities will be able to hit and return the peace to Hong Kong ...

Rating: 3.6
 | Duration: N/A min  | Year: 2019
Cast: Tony Leung Ka-Fai , Louis Koo , Gordon Lam Ka-Tung , Simon Yam

Average: 3.6 (9 votes)
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