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Good Boys (2019)  

Good Boys

     Quality: Quality HD  

When children say bad words, adults often react in two different ways: some have their hands shocked at the head, others simply laugh because they find it fun to hear them say things that they surely do not even know what it means. After receiving an R rating, we already knew that Good Guys would not be a movie for children, even if it is starring children.

Max (Jacob Tremblay) has just been invited to his first kiss party by the most popular boy in the school and insists on taking his two friends Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon), with whom he forms the Bean Bag Boys The problem arises immediately: none of them knows how to kiss. In their desperation to learn how to kiss before the party, they decide to spy on their university neighbors with the drone of Max's father. This will be the first of the many bad decisions they will make during that day, which will cause them to be involved in dangerous and even traumatic situations.

"Hey Stranger Things, fuck a fish!" Yelled Max's neighbor's boyfriend during the first minutes of good guys. This comparison is not free at all since the children of the Bean Bag Boys are adorable, they always go together and walk around the neighborhood by bicycle. While Stranger Things children have to face a Demogorgon, these children will have to face another monster that is even scarier: puberty. However, the scriptwriters and directors, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, make it clear to us that, although both groups are about the same age, they don't look alike.

They are at a strange age: they are neither children nor teenagers, but rather, as they would say, preteens. A fairly rare and confusing stage where hormones are already starting to wreak havoc and the changes soon appear. In fact, most of the jokes in this movie revolve around sex. This is nothing new, we have seen many movies where young people release all kinds of barbarities, but the shocking thing is when those barbarities are told by children with angelic faces. It can be funny at first, but then it becomes uncomfortable.

Beyond the bad words, the sexual jokes or when they are involved in a drug issue, one can glimpse a certain innocence in what they say or do: like when they think that Thor's mother's sex toys are weapons or when Max is about talking to the girl he likes. Because after all, they are children, or well, preteens who, although they are beginning to feel interested in other things, have not yet reached the point of building walls around them to block all kinds of feelings, something that makes the monstrous puberty during the wonderful adolescence.

Because among so many jokes and gags, some in bad taste, little by little we discover what this is all about and what really worries them. It is not only that they do not know how to kiss or that they have gone alone to the mall, putting their lives at risk, but that they have realized that things are beginning to change: not only them but also their friendship. And this is something that terrifies them. To think that they can no longer do everything together because each one has their own interests and will begin to chart their own path.

Good Boys is a daring comedy, but at the same time sentimental that talks about the step towards adolescence and friendship. It follows a fairly agile rhythm, for this, it makes use of jokes that, although they were funny during the first minutes of the film, then it becomes repetitive and can be exhausting.

Rating: 6.5  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy  | Duration: 89 min  | Year: 2019
Cast: Jacob Tremblay , Brady Noon , Keith L. Williams , Molly Gordon , Midori Francis , Will Forte , Josh Caras , Retta , LilRel Howery , Millie Davis , Enid-Raye Adams , Michaela Watkins , Sam Richardson , Chance Hurstfield , Vanessa Przada

Average: 6.5 (617 votes)
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