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Just Mercy (2019)  

Just Mercy

  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

Some of the best action movies that take place in the 21st century are based on novels, short stories, or TV series. So when it comes to action that can be made into a movie, the list of movies that you could choose from is virtually endless. We all know what the Tom Cruise of action is Brad Pitt, so when it came time for him to make his very own movie, the obvious choice was to go with his greatest hero, the fictional character that he is known for playing - The Punisher.

The big question of course is: how is the movie going to do in terms of box office? After all, there is the very real possibility that this movie may not do as well as one would hope, and therefore, your end goal has to be to make sure that you pick the movie that will be the most successful.

The thing about movies like these is that the movie is designed to get its message across to the people. This is why movie studios spend so much money trying to market their movie, because it is the only way they can get the message out that it is trying to get across.

The same is true of movies like Just Mercy, as they are trying to tell people not to go and rob banks, and give them an actual movie that they can put on in the background. It's pretty much a given that if you're trying to advertise something, you are going to use movies.

The problem with movies like Just Mercy, is that they may be too similar to other movies. For example, Just Mercy does have some similarities to another Tom Cruise movie, Paul, which is something that you should never do, since it sets a bad precedent for future movies.

However, since it's a TV series, the makers of Just Mercy were able to get creative, and try to make it interesting and unique, and so they really took advantage of the concept that the TV series from the Sixties had. The point is, we're talking about a TV series, so the producers were able to use many of the same elements, and they created a movie that is very similar to one of the best shows ever created.

This means that the movie is going to do well, because it will just be a clone of another movie, with the same director, and same actors. The only difference is that it is an entire show, and that really sets it apart from other TV series.

So as you can see, Just Mercy is going to be a success, even though it's a TV movie. It is definitely an enjoyable film, and if it does well at the box office, it might be worth your while to go back and see it again.

Rating: 8.1  | IMDb
Genres: Drama  | Duration: 136 min  | Year: 2019

Average: 8.1 (379 votes)
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