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Tall Girl (2019)  

Tall Girl

     Quality: Quality HD  

There is no problem that Tall Girl it is a routine comedy, in which the protagonist of the day is a loser for a physical difference, in fact, we think that being very tall is much less humiliating than being obese, and Ava Michelle is a complete beauty  —and that there is not a drop of originality in the formula— the older mentor sister; the popular girl; the gallant of impossible beauty that is the subject of dispute; The best friend who has fallen in love with the protagonist. But humor leaves a lot to be desired.

It's not that it's not funny; it is that sometimes it gets into the terrain of the offensive and the rugged. For example: Michelle is caught by an exchange student who comes from Sweden (Luke Eisner), a kid who seems out of a book of male models and has a look that is not of this world; but Michelle's best friend (Griffin Gluck) tells her that if she (who is huge) is partnering with the Swede they will have a gigantic baby... It will be deformed and they will have to leave a huge scar when they do it since the creature could not go out the natural way. That's how horrible the supposed "funny moments" of the film are.

We honestly do not know if they hired an enemy to add jokes to the plot because the film would have been much better without those abductions of politically incorrect humor. The film exaggerates to the point of the absurd the subject of the high altitude of the girl and converts it in a social condemnation, when the reality is that the girl could either make a career as a model or play in a women's basketball team where she would find that she is not the only female specimen on earth that is tall as a door.

Not only does the father, a wasted Steve Zahn, get into an eggplant by calling a club of tall people, and all they do is compete with other clubs of tall people to see which one of them they have more members... Instead of giving support and containment talks to people who live traumatized with their height), but the annoying characters of the mother (Angela Kinsey) and the older sister (Sabrina Carpenter) fall into the worst of cartoons since the mother is a super competitive former beauty queen who trains her eldest daughter to win the extremely superficial village contests in which she competes.

Kinsey insists on making a makeover to Ava Michelle and ends up turning her into a clown full of paint, a show so atrocious and uncomfortable that borders on bad taste. At least Carpenter tries to get out of character with a bit of human warmth by taking care of her gigantic sister, but the rest is cooked in a hurry and creaks with the non-existent internal credibility that these stories have.

Everything is one-dimensional, the dialogues between the characters are stubborn and, for every moment achieved (in the romantic aspect), soon there is an annoying character that is dispatched with a creepy exit and completely out of place. Even the climax does not have the cathartic effect that one expects in this type of film.

Tall Girl ends up being a mediocre romantic comedy that misses a good opportunity because of the terrible script by Sam Wolfson.

Rating: 6.2  | IMDb
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance  | Duration: 101 min  | Year: 2019
Cast: Ava Michelle , Sabrina Carpenter , Griffin Gluck , Luke Eisner , Paris Berelc , Clara Wilsey , Anjelika Washington , Angela Kinsey , Steve Zahn , Rico Paris , Trina LaFargue , Bria Condon , Chad Michael Griffith , Andrew Brodeur , Conway Solomon

Average: 6.2 (681 votes)
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