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Lost Girls (2020)  

Lost Girls

  US Flag    Quality: Quality HD  

The Lost Girls is a Japanese adult animation TV series, based on the novel of the same name by Nakamura Kazutaka. The cast is made up of a group of young women who are all members of a special squad called the Lost Girls. Their mission is to protect Japan from invasion by the menace known as the Sixty Tyrants. A report released in Japan reveals that the anime version is currently enjoying a big box office success in the country.

The Lost Girls, Manga Version - The Lost Girls, animated version takes place in the setting of ancient Japan. A group of young women known as the Lost Girls is scattered around the country on missions of utmost importance. In order to find her sister whom she has been told is killed in action during World War II, Mirei Nagisa finds herself embroiled in the conspiracy of the Sixty Tyrants. As she continues her search, she finds herself captured by a dangerous and mysterious military force and is put in chains. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Haku discovers that he has been selected to become one of the Sixty Tyrants and meets a fellow prisoner named Shana, who had also been confined in a camp- which she discovers after he is thrown out by the leader of the camp.

The Lost Girls, Anime Version - This version of the Lost Girls series follows the action story line and the character development that were absent in the manga version. The anime version draws its inspiration from Japanese comics and animation. The series initially introduces eight women under the banner of Sixty Tyrants, but after encountering their leader, Amaya Haruna, a fifth member, Honoka Ryoko, was thrown into a concentration camp. All the remaining members of the group are saved from this camp by Shimura Arisa, another Sixty Tyrant. The story progresses as the team faces many missions.

The animated version of the Lost Girls series was directed by Hideaki Anno and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. Their previous works includeEvangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Pacific Rim. The episode director was Takeshi Ito and the character designer was Minoru Yasuda.

The Movie - The movie is an original screenplay written by Ito Hiromasa, supervised by Ito and co-directed by Yuasa Hajime. It's about a young woman who was found in a concentration camp. For some reason she is asked to join the Sixty Tyrants and is brought to a place called Kilina Woods. She learns about the various warring factions and people who occupy Japan, about where she should hide and much more.

The movie is a comedy at its core, and the dialogue is filled with jokes and sweet language. The cast includes Mirei Nagisa (the main character) as well as Miyuki Sawashiro, Akane Owada, Risa Tada, Hanae Fujiwara, Reiko Noguchi, Toshiko Igarashi, Torao Yoshiko, and Hiroki Makimura. As the story goes on the members of the Sixty Tyrants will find themselves involved in a whole lot of events and happenings that make this movie entertaining and enjoyable to watch. The character Akane Owada plays the role of a girl with superpowers that allows her to levitate. She will meet the new Sixty Tyrant, Ayame Sakurai, who is shown to be having a very strong body that makes her strong against the other members of the Sixty Tyrants.

The movie was directed online by Japanese industry professionals. To allow viewers the chance to watch the movie in the comfort of their homes, the online streaming service Ranban, who acquired rights to this movie, is also giving the movie to its subscribers. The movie will be in three parts and the first part will be out sometime in June of 2020.

The movie is available for free on the online service at first, which may seem unimpressive and less than satisfying. But the popularity of the Japanese animation can really sink in when a new viewer sees it. What makes this movie different is the intense fan following of this anime that grew up with the streaming of the Lost Girls.

Rating: 6.1  | IMDb
Genres: Drama , Mystery , Thriller  | Duration: 95 min  | Year: 2020

Average: 6.1 (179 votes)
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